Tuesday, February 4, 2014

PF Rohrs

PF Chang's really has no hold on Eric and me.  If you invite us, don't worry - we will go.  And we will gladly enjoy our meal.  But we'd just as well prefer visit their little brother, Pei Wei.  I love him.  Even better than driving 40 minutes for food, making something better at home.  Meet these lettuce wraps.

Don't drag your feet to try these because they are "gluten free".  Pssh.  They are amazing, and happen to use a sauce without wheat products. A sauce that K-Roger sells.  Get. In. My. Belly.  Yum.  But when I made them, we inhaled them all and were still a little hungry later.  Lettuce and a tad bit of chicken can only go so far for carnivores like us.  So today, when I saw this recipe on The Tiny Twig, I was thrilled.  We are going authentic (so I think) and having chicken lettuce wraps with miso soup in the very near future.  I just need to convince Em to put pants on so we can leave the house to go to the store.

If I would have posted this a week ago, you could have had it for Chinese New Year and been all cool and stuff.  Maybe next year.

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