Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Amy: 6 months

 Dear Amy,

The transition from 5 to 6 months is such a fun one and full of big milestones!  You are discovering there is a big ole world around you, and you don't want to miss soaking in any bit of it.  You can slow down, baby girl.  You've got time.  You are now rolling over for fun, from your back to belly and belly to back.  Your barrel rolling allows you to move all over the room, and I find you stuck in corners or wrapped around furniture from time to time.  You love to grab blankets and toys, and are just starting to use them for fun instead of staring for them.  One day you were sitting in your car seat and I heard your hanging-bird toy buzz.  You had learned to pull it all on your own and were fascinated.Good work, girl!  We went to a cabin in KY with mommy's college friends for new years eve, and you did a great job - handling lots of new situations like a travel pro. Get used to those girls, because they will be around for awhile.

You love to laugh at everything around you.  I read Sandra Boytown books to you one day, and you just sat and belly laughed as I dipped and dove over the words in her stories.  Apparently, the belly buttons of hippos are pretty funny stuff.  Last week you were sitting on my lap,and your laughter came so suddenly that I was a little worried about you.  When I followed your gaze, I realized you were laughing at some of Emmalyn's antics.  You love her.  She smothers you and tickles you to the point of minor suffocation, I'm sure, but you take it like a champ.  Even though two years separate you, there are only seven pounds between you so I think you can handle it.  And you love it.  Emmalyn makes you laugh more easily than any of us can.

You are officially out of your rock 'n play and the swaddle for the sleep.  Three cheers for this big accomplishment! In January, I left you for five days (!!! thank you for forgiving me so easily) and when I came home, we started working on better sleep for you.  You know sleep from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.  but have decided that you need to wake up TWICE a night to eat.  Daddy and I are hoping that this changes before your seven-month letter.  (Here's a hint - you're making your mama a little bit tired).  You go to bed very easily and now roll from your back to your side to your belly and then usually to your side again.  We love having little side sleepers!  We started you on cereal this weekend to hopefully help you (and me) sleep better.  Since you grab our plates and make a ruckus during meals, we know you are ready for real food.  This should be an exciting month for you!!

This weekend, we went to an indoor water park with Grandma and Grandpa Rohrs and you got in the pool for the first time.  You liked it.  You didn't love it, and you didn't cry; you just tolerated the idea of a super large and loud bathtub that you have to wear clothes in.  And then you took naps in the wagon.  It has been a very cold winter, so at least the warmth of the water park was a perk for you!

You are sitting up unassisted for short period of time.  This is one of my favorite baby phases, so I am very excited for you to be able to reach your toys and maybe get rid of that bald spot on the back of your head ;)

People regularly stop me to tell me how beautiful your eyes are, and that you look just like your daddy.  When I see you next to each other, I see his smile and happiness fill your face as well. You are a true joy, little girl.  Our sweet little sister.

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