Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ministry balance

Lately, I have been struggling with the balance between relational openness and accountability in youth ministry.  I want to take kids to deeper spiritually, but also want to meet them where they are.  I think this is a healthy tension in my life, but I need tools to keep me walking down the right path.  This article is helping me shape my thoughts this morning, specifically these questions about shaping ministry:
  • "Is any aspect of what I’m thinking of doing going to dishonor God?
  • Will making this shift help people see Jesus or just make them like me and our student ministry more?
  • In doing what I’m planning, will I really be accomplishing the commission to make disciples?
  • Will doing what I’m planning make it easier or more difficult for me to show students once they are saved what following Christ really looks like?
  • Is my motivation to fill a seat or to fill the Kingdom?"

I never want to participate in or lead a ministry that's based around making kids like me, but how do I draw kids to Christ through relationship without doing this?