Monday, June 23, 2014


E: Mommy, I wanna call you on the phone.
Kathy: Okay, Emmalyn.
E: I call you on the phone, but first, I call Aisy.
Kathy: Jacey?
E: No, Aisy.
Kathy: Desi?
E: No.  Daisy. Daisy Duck.  I wanna call Daisy.

Mommy, I have pockets!  Does Tressel have pockets?  Hmmm.  (as she begins to examine his fur and look for them)

Kathy: Here, put your underwear on.
Em: Jesus give it to me?  Jesus give me underwear?
Kathy: Well, Daddy and I gave it to you.  But Jesus gives us everything, so I guess he gave you that underwear.
Em: Thank you Mommy!

Princerella (Cinderella)
Pony nails (finger nails and pony tails confused)

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