Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dear Amy: 12 Months!

Dear Amy,
You are now a year old!  On the morning of your first birthday, you woke up early and wanted to cuddle.  While I didn't need the 6:30 wake up call, I loved that I could sit in your room and rock you as tucked your head in the round of my neck.  It soon became a game, and you would pop your head up and laugh at me, playing a game of cuddle-peek-a-boo.  A little later in the morning, you and I sat in a chair while you echoed my "oew" sound and laughed from your head to your toes.  It was bliss.

You are such a happy baby.  And by happy, I mean ornery.  You are now crawling all the time - still on your belly, but sometimes on your knees as well.  However, you prefer to stand and cruise around furniture and tall toys.  Today, I found you cruising along the wall as we were heading out the door.  You are desperate to walk.  I know I will regret it, but I am excited for you to walk as well.  I know that you will love to keep up with your sister and play outside with her.  You are standing on your own for about two seconds consecutively before you remember how fun it is to fall on the ground.  You love activity; I saw you diving onto our beanbag and then scooting back down so you could do it again, laughing after each fall.  You clearly understand "no" and start to cry when you want to do something, but know you aren't allowed to.  Then sometimes, you still do it when you think I'm not looking.

You pick up things so quickly, and I am already wondering where you learned them.  I thought you were dancing the other day, but realized you were doing the sign for bath and saying "bah bah" over and over.  Later, you crawled to the door of the bathroom and did it again ... subtlety is not your strong suit.  When you want more food and we miss you signing for more, you just scream - it gets the point across, but maybe you could work on a different tactic soon.  You say "mommy" (ADORABLE!!), "dada", "d-dd-" (for dog) swiftly followed by "fffhh" for 'woof' (which you taught yourself, child genius).  You love Tressel, but he isn't too impressed by you yet.  Sometimes when you are frustrated, you have started to crinkle your nose and blow air out of it.

This week, you have tamed your love for bananas and don't request them daily.  I often run out of ideas for feeding you because you clear your plate all the time.  You still do the sign for "milk" when you want to nurse, but also do it when you want milk from a sippy cup, which you enjoy but refuse to hold on your own.  You have started to want specific foods, as evidenced by all the blueberries you tossed on the floor in pursuit of watermelon and all the cheerios you scattered around Starbucks while reaching for puffs instead.

You are a joy!  Your facial expressions are starting to really show what is going on in your mind, and I love seeing how you are developing as a unique and beautiful little girl.  It is so much fun to be your mom, and I love all of your little one-year-old self!

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