Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Amy: Ten Months

Dear Amy,

You are ten months old!  You are such a happy and bubbly baby; we love spending time with you.  You love to EAT - nursing, table food, sips of water ... you love it all.  Except formula.  For the past two months, you have refused it like a little milk snob.  Gratefully, you make up for it in watermelon consumption.  That evens out, right?  You love bananas, yogurt, cheerios, beans, peas ... really, everything! You eat almost everything with your hands, but sometimes we spoon feed you since your excitement causes you to rush through shoving food in your mouth at times.  You do have a funny reaction to cold food as it surprises you with every bite.

You love to babble.  I am pretty sure that you have said "mama", "dada", "bana" (for banana - every morning!), "mo" (for more), "hi", "bye", and "uh-eh" (for uh-oh; Emmalyn taught you this whenever you drop something).  You can sign for milk, more, and all done (which you rarely use). You love to wave hello and goodbye, and do so at all the right times.  (You never cry when we drop you off at Linda's, but one day, you waved goodbye to her when I dropped you off - implying you wanted to come with me.  It melted my heart!).  You definitely know what "no" means, which is usually what I have to tell you when your curiosity takes you too far.

You still take two naps during the day, but your afternoon nap is becoming longer.  You love to cuddle for a minute, but then fall asleep awake in your crib.

You have spent a long time rolling to get to your intended destination, but last week you started to crawl(ish).  You don't lift your legs off the ground, but you army crawl like your life depends on it.  I came home from work, and you quickly trudged across the room to me.  You are so delighted with yourself!  You also love bath time now that you get to sit up with your sister in the tub.

We love you!

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