Friday, September 6, 2013

One month of joy

Dear Amy,

You are one month old this week!

Last night, I remembered your birth (which is a bit of a comical story), and how I saw you being born.  They announced you were a girl, the doctor laid you on my belly and then I just held you on my chest.  Another baby girl.  I was so thrilled.  There was never a moment of wishing you were a boy or a hint of disappointment.  It was sheer joy.   With your sister, labor had me shaking too fiercely to feel comfortable holding her immediately.  But with you, I got to hold you tight and secure - loving the fact that you had made your entrance so perfectly (right on time, too!).

You love to nurse, and after that really rough first three weeks (um, ouch!), it's a joy for both of us.  You eat every 2-3 hours during the day, but let me sleep for 3-4 hours at night.  Thanks for that - you rock.  After your middle of the night feeding, you often like to look around and those are some of the moments where I see your face and personality come out.  I hate putting you back to sleep after that, but well, I love sleep and can't nap all day like you.  You don't take to your pacifier as easily as Emmalyn did, but you fall asleep without it easily.  I'm not going to sugarcoat it: you've got some gas issues.  But I know you're working on it, and we'll just keep giving you gas drops and holding you real tight until you get things straightened out.  Anytime would be great though.

Emmalyn loves to look at you and tickle you, lay on top of you, and be burped beside you.  I'm sorry if you're claustrophobic - she just likes to be close.  When you first came home, every time we left the house she would say, "Amy come?" as though we were going to forget you and she had to remind us. As she got up from naps, she would have to locate you immediately to check on you. And when you cry, she goes "Amy, you okay.  Amy, you okay" to soothe you.  She likes to touch your face and insists on kissing you goodnight.  It's not all roses and sunshine, but she is pretty proud to be your sister.

You, Daddy, and me have watched a lot of Netflix together.  It's kind of our evening ritual since you like to be held all evening long, and eat most of the time between 8-10 p.m.  You have been to church three weeks, and other people have held you during the service for two of those weeks!  You are loved, darling!  We have gone to the zoo twice, the bunny park with fountains twice, the mall, lots of dinners out, and many, many walks.  You sleep in your carseat so peacefully and love to be in motion.  We celebrated Grandpa's 60th birthday at a big party, and Aunt Emily came to visit from Louisville just so she could meet you!  It's been a busy month!

Looking at you right now, it's clear our little newborn is growing up already!  But I'm so excited - the four of us are going to have a blast together, and I am already thrilled at what's ahead for us.  You weight 10.5 pounds right now, and I love every bit of it!  They say you're tall too - but don't get used to it; the genes aren't really working in your favor there.  Know, sweet Amy, that we love you so much and pray you'll know Jesus' love more and more every day of your life.

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