Thursday, September 5, 2013


during the first three weeks of maternity leave, i watched a lot of tv and movies.  netflix and hulu were my jam.  and it was good to rest and not have to think about anything as i was nursing a baby in my lap or bouncing her to stop the fussing.  but i decided that i probably needed to engage my brain a little bit before it turned to complete mush.  and i think i also found the end of facebook and pinterest. twice.  so i've turned to reading; the kindle app is my new best friend.  a few days ago, i finally finished "one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp.  while i didn't love every page of it, there were some great thoughts that are continually to stir in me.  and today, i just finished a book about sabbath.  and aside from having me think a lot about how much i need to create space for a true sabbath in my family's life, i was reminded of something that i truly believe.  stopping and looking for God's presence allows us to see Him and His work.
We must listen for God in the narrative of life ... God speaks through his Scriptures and the lives contained in them, but he also speaks through our lives, wives [husbands :)], children, parents, friends, nature, music, food, trials, and triumphs. (24/6 by Matthew Sleeth)
writing has always served as a release for me.  and while i care a lot about punctuation and spelling, i don't care much for capital letters.  sorry if that bothers you. :) or if smiley faces bother you.  sorry about that too. ;)  i don't want to write about ME all the time, but about what makes my days delightful.  even when they're not filled with pure happiness and only good things, there is delight to be found in every day.  i need to treasure those things and moments, snapshots of His goodness.

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  1. What is the book on Sabbath called? Would love to check it out. - Pam


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