Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dear Amy: 2 Months

Dear Amy,
You are two months old!  At about 6 weeks old, you gave me your first smile when I went "la la la" as you were looking at me.  You love to sit laying on our legs with our knees bent so you can see us right in the face.  After you started to smile, you began to starting cooing occasionally.  Between one and two months, little sounds started to come out of your mouth and I think you were just as surprised by them as we were!

I thought that you might have a little bit of colic because between 7-10 p.m. every night you only wanted to nurse or cry.  We have spent a lot of evenings on the couch watching Netflix while you nurse.  But it must be okay, because you are in the 70th percentile for weight and the 80th for height!  We're not used to having such a growing baby!  After six weeks, you started to calm down in the evenings and spend a lot of time awake and looking at Daddy and me.

You give smiles easily.  Whenever someone talks to you in a cheerful tone, you smile for them.  It is so precious.  This month, you also discovered your playmat and you love it.  Mainly, you like to look at yourself in the mirror.  Emmalyn loves to lay with you and sometimes requests for you to lay on the mat so that you two can be close to one another.  I'm sorry for all the times she has already steamrolled over you.  Good news: you still have all your limbs though!

In the past month, you have started to sleep almost through the night.  We swaddle you up around ten p.m. and you sleep until three or four a.m.  Thanks girl!  You're making this thing easy! ;)  When Emmalyn would wake up crying as a baby, your daddy and I would often try to fix the problem or get into arguments trying to diagnose her.  With you, Daddy generally changes your diaper and I then nurse you.  We're a bit more calm this time, and we don't argue about how to care for you.  I know that your dad is a much better swaddler than me, and he knows that it's okay for him to fall back asleep while I'm feeding you.  The only time we really get worried about you is when you spit up a lot.  You sure surprise us with that sometimes, but it's okay - nothing a good wash won't fix! 

Thank you for the past two months - for the new smiles and good sleep, for the beginning coos, and the open eyes.  We love you!

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