Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days to Cherish Our Home

There is little that compares to the feeling of walking through the door and knowing you belong. The tension lifts off your shoulders and you are free to be yourself.  Everything just feels right.  The dog may be barking, a baby tugging on your leg, and a load of groceries weighing you down (six bags up your arm, digging into your skin), but still.  you're home.  It's a feeling that can't be replicated in many other places, and people yearn for home with only one want to satiate their desires.  Homesickness can be ignored, but not cured until you walk through the door and know you're where you belong.  But how often do we really cherish that place?

My name's Kathy.  I'm married to Eric, and we have a beautiful daughter named Emmalyn (she's just about fifteen months old).  I'm a terrible housekeeper but I love a pretty home.  One of the greatest compliments that I can receive is when someone walks in our house and says, "This looks just like you", knowing that our home is reflecting our personality and style. I see our home as a gift from God and what we do with it glorifies him - a place to raise our family, to offer hospitality, and to share laughter with others.  My idea of a perfect evening involves students piled in our family room watching a movie or friends or family around the kitchen table sharing a meal.  Over the next month, I want to take the time to cherish our home.  Sometimes I get so busy thinking about the next project that I forget to appreciate what we already have.  It's time to stop and smell the cider scented candle that burns around the mess in my kitchen.

Thanks the The Nesting Place for challenging me to do this!  Check out the other 31 Days bloggers at .

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