Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Refusing to Settle

When Eric and I were house-hunting, we had a very tight turnaround to find a home.  We were moving from northern Ohio back to our home town, and it was find a home, or move into our either of our parents' basements.  They love us, but were eager for us to find a place as well.  In one Saturday, Eric looked at 17 homes in our neighborhood (I looked at half of those before going to a meeting).  We liked a lot of them, but we didn't love any of them.  We made offers on two houses, but felt like we would have to make significant changes in order to really love those houses.  The next week, we were at our home in northern Ohio, and a new house went up for sale.  It looked like exactly what we wanted in terms of layout.  I drove down to look at the house and immediately knew that I loved it.  I will never forget standing in that foyer and feeling like I was home.  Before we made an offer, Eric drove down to look at it, and the process moved on from there.  I pass by the other houses we made offers on daily, and am so glad we refused to settle.

Lately, I've allowed that feeling to slip.  I haven't been grateful for our home or relished in the details that I used to love.  We worked hard to find this house, and there are so many details about it that I love.  How have I let ungratefulness slither into my life?  I've begun to see our house as a burden rather than a gift.  It's time to reclaim my love for our home - the home that God has given us to live in and to raise a family in.  What suggestions do you have for cherishing your home?  When you refused to settle, how did you continually cherish home?

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